beccckkkyy :]



Larry, Larry, Larry. If you can tell her name obviously isn't Larry, it's just inside joke, you know like Chuck&Larry. Yeah, good job. Her real name is Brianna, and she's been my best friend for four years. We're good buds. I've had other best friends, but no one compares and everyone that tries should just suck it. Mhm, True dat. We've got too many inside jokes to count and too many nicknames to remember.


Yeah so me and Liz have been friends for four years, for two of those years we were in all the same classes and were inseparable and she used to live just about five minutes away from me, now the stupid wench had to go and move ;) But we still try to stay in contact as much as possible and no one will take her place, she's waaayy too cool for that.


Emmaking :) We just met this year, but I feel like I can tell her anything, we met in study hall; period four yo` represent. aha, mhm, anyways. We're supposed to hang out and play hopscotch and skip it and take pictures and draw with chalk, but we both live busy busy lives and are trying so hard to get together, and yet we're still failing, miserably. Ahhh; I love you emmmmakkk :)


Ethan Cote, woooo. We've been friends since forever, and that's no exaggeration, i honestly can't think of a time when me and Ethan weren't friends. He was my next door neighbor for eleven years until I had to move away from that kick butt town to the middle of oh .. no where. yay? no, well we still hang out as often as possible and we're still close I guess. Allie, Ethan, Alex and me.. yeah; we be tight :)

My Ultimate Math buddy :)

hahahaha Meggooo. What to say about Meghan? Okay, well freshman year we were in the same math class and it was the best math class of my life. Nothing tops that class, no way. We totally had so much fun everyday . If you weren't in that math class, then you're life probably sucks. Yup. We have waaaay too many good memories, an we both have in affection for spongebob. Call us crazy, but he's so awesome. :)

Some lame kid.

Uh, yeah. I don't even know why I'm putting him on here, probably because he was my best friend for three years, but so much has changed since then :( Well let's get started, this is Adam Kimball. We used to be mega close and he rocked a lot, but now it doesn't even matter because we're no longer friends. I don't know, I'm probably still putting him on here because we used to have so many good memories. Yeah, memories is all that's left. Whatever.