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My Crazy Family.

Yeah. I'm a little bit on the weird side, but I only got that way because of my family. Up top is my dad, I pretty much am his twin, minus the fact that he has blue eyes and I have brown. Other than that minor thing though, we have close to the same personality and same sense of humor. My brother is sort of similar to the two of us, he's the one way down south on the page. Even though he's kind of like me and my dad, he's more annoyed by us more than anything. Then to the right here is my mom and my sister. They're both a little on the slow side, but I guess that's what we love about them. When my dad, my brother and I make a joke they're always the last two to get it and the two of them are extremely similar in personality and uh .. dumbness, well, I guess I've got a little dumbness of my own ;) I don't know, way down low there in the picture with my brother is his girlfriend, Lindsay. I put her in this family slide because she's always over and they're always together and she's basically family. Well, now you know a little more about why I'm such a freak, anyways ... this page is starting to get boring. Oh wait, I forgot one thing. My sister is two years older than me and my brother is four, if by any chance you wanted to know that . Yup, I'm the youngest, and it stinks.